Building a Detail Business is Hard, It’s a Full Contact Sport. You gotta have heart to do it!

Billy Baugus owner of American Detailer Garage joins us to share the challenge of building a business and the lessons he’s learned building American Detailer Garage.

Show Highlights:

  • Starting how washing cars at a dealership
  • Developing a detailing product line based on holes that he was seeing in the market
  • Building efficiencies in your detailing business
  • The power of getting a mentor and training
  • Four quadrants of your life – faith, family, fitness, and finances
  • Don’t get caught up in the BS – leave the BS at the door
  • Getting cut out of the dealership market because he came up with his own product line
  • Passion for building people
  • Personal time with his wife and raising reptiles

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