Offering More Than Detailing?

RoadFS auto detailing software was designed for detailing businesses of all sizes. Simple and robust enough for the mobile.

    "I used to handwrite everything! When I started using RoadFS the recording feature saves me time, money and was also super eye opening."

    Sydni Brae Gwinn

    iWash Auto Detail P&S Detail Member

    Auto Detailing Business Software

    Looking for a powerful POS app for your mobile delivery team? Look no further than RoadFS.

    Supercharge your detailing business with RoadFS auto detailing software. Designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, RoadFS provides a potent and intuitive solution. Whether you’re a mobile operator or an established enterprise, our software offers a seamless onboarding experience, while effortlessly meeting all your business requirements. Unlock the true potential of your operations with the ultimate detailing software solution, RoadFS.

    Take your mobile delivery business to new heights with RoadFS. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and control of our robust POS app. Start optimizing your inventory and orders today!

    Create Estimate & Invoices

    Elevate your customer service with RoadFS. Craft impeccable estimates that impress your clients by utilizing the intuitive RoadFS office application or our convenient mobile app. Seamlessly navigate service options, explore enticing packages, and establish transparent pricing with ease.

    Empower your service technicians to generate work orders and invoices on the go, ensuring they can swiftly embark on their detailing tasks. Experience unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction with RoadFS. Get started today!

    auto detailing software for estimates and work orders
    Photo Capture

    Photo Capture

    Enhance your documentation process effortlessly with the RoadFS app. Whether you need to record previous damage or document the exceptional work you’ve accomplished, our app has got you covered. Capture multiple high-quality photos per work order, ensuring every detail is meticulously documented.

    With RoadFS, you can easily maintain comprehensive visual records, empowering you to provide transparency and credibility to your customers. Streamline your documentation workflow today and experience the power of RoadFS.

    Provide an incredible customer experience with RoadFS


    Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and juggling multiple calendars. Simplify your appointment management with RoadFS Scheduling—an all-in-one solution for effortlessly organizing your appointments, services, and technicians.

    Experience seamless integration with the RoadFS Mobile App Calendar, ensuring your entire operation stays in perfect sync. Moreover, empower your customers to schedule appointments online, enhancing convenience and accessibility. Upgrade your scheduling process with RoadFS and revolutionize your business. 

    Start optimizing your operations today!

    time and commission tracking mobile detailing software for auto detailers

    Time and Commision Tracking

    Unlock advanced time-tracking capabilities with RoadFS. Our platform offers two distinct modes to ensure precise tracking:

    1. Traditional Time Tracking: Never miss a single minute of your team’s working hours. RoadFS empowers you to effortlessly monitor and manage their time, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

    2. Service Item Time Tracking: Gain valuable insights into your technicians’ actual time spent on each service. Track their performance, guarantee optimal turn time, and identify opportunities for training and improvement.

    With RoadFS, you can optimize your time tracking processes and elevate your business operations to new heights. Experience the power of accurate and efficient time tracking with RoadFS. Start maximizing your team’s potential today!

    Inventory / POS

    Looking for a powerful POS app for your mobile delivery team? Look no further than RoadFS. Our app efficiently tracks inventory and orders across multiple vans and warehouses, streamlining your operations.

    With RoadFS, you can easily set par values to determine when it’s time to order products. Whether you need to order from a single vendor or multiple vendors, our app has you covered. Plus, RoadFS enables you to send purchase orders directly to your preferred vendor, expediting the restocking of inventory and ensuring seamless inventory management.

    Take your mobile delivery business to new heights with RoadFS. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and control of our robust POS app. Start optimizing your inventory and orders today!

    Warehouse Management

    Additional Features in

    Pre-built Packages (Kits)

    Bundle services into  Service "Kits" that make it easier to sell customers a pre-set bundle of services.

    Photo Documentation

    Document damage to vehicles to protect your business or upsell services.

    QB and CC Integration

    Full integration with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. We also offer integration with Square's web processing.

    Built-In Point of Sale

    Manage, track and sell DIY detailing products to your customers. Complete inventory management between vans and warehouses.

    VIN Scanning

    Scan and decode VIN to not only give you year, make, and model but also keep a historical record of services on every vehicle asset.

    Customer Reminder

    Email and text notifications to communicate with your customers both before and after the service

    Custom Pricing

    Setup customer pricing for high-volume customers which can include services and products that you sell.

    Technician Profiles

    Set up hourly, flat rate, or commissioned based pay for your employees and even allow for split pay on services

    Offering More Than Detailing?