RoadFS Tips and Tricks

This morning I had a customer reach out to me and ask how he could record when a special request was authorized by a customer.  We actually have two ways to do that.  First of all, built into our system is the ability to capture a customers signature which provides proof of acceptance that becomes a permanent part of the work order.  The second is to assign notes to an asset.

Basically, Sticky Notes are a library of pre-set notes that you can add to any asset you are working on.  Here is how you would use them on your iPhone or Android

Add Notes to a Work Order Asset

  1. Select The Sticky Note Icon
  2. Select the Sticky Note you would like added to your work order

Add Notes to your Work Order Asset in RoadFS

3. The Note is added to your Work Order
4. Select in the Stick Note box if you would like to edit the note.

That’s all there is to it. The note becomes a permanent part of the work order.

In order to use Sticky Notes, you must first set them up in the Command Center. Here is a quick Tutorial on how to do that.

Add Notes to Stick Note Library in RoadFS

  1. Log into your RoadFS Command Center
  2. Select the System Tab
  3. Select Parts and Services on the left had Column
  4. Select the Sticky Tab
  5. Select Options
  6. Select Add Stick Note
  7. A new line will be added under “Description” in the main body of the screen
  8. Add your note description. This will become part of your Sticky Note Library

Sticky Notes created here will be available in the Command Center and in the Mobile App on your Android or iPhone device.