Mobile Printing RoadFSOff and on we have received a few requests to provide printing from the Android SmartPhone.  This week we released a new version of RoadFS Mobile for the Android that provides mobile printing.

The key difference in printing from an Android Smartphone and a laptop or desktop is that there are no print drivers that you install on your device. With mobile printing you are dependent on a print service from your printer provider like HP Print to manage the print job. There are also 3rd party print service solutions like Direct Print that you an use.

The other requirement for mobile printing is that you printer has to be connected to the internet or the same network as your Smartphone. It is important to note not all applications support mobile printing.  The application designers have to build this into the app.

We have put together a couple videos showing you how you can print using the RoadFS Android mobile app.

Demo of how to print in RoadFS for Android

How to install Print Services

If you have questions please let us know.

RoadFS Team